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Do not post links to cracks!

One may wish to play Rocksmith without Steam for performance reasons (the game starts up immediately, no login to Steam needed).

(It is also possible to add custom songs to the Steam version, in case you are looking for that.)

Run Steam and Nonsteam version side-by-side without installing twice

The Steam version of Rocksmith allows you to unlock achievements and to update the game, these are reasons why you should keep it around.

This guide will tell you how to run both versions without wasting disk space.

  • Create a new Folder, for example: c:\Rocksmith_Nonsteam\
  • You will need the skidrow crack (Google is your friend, don't post links here!)
  • Copy all its files to the new folder.
  • Link the following folders to the Steam version
Base, BassPack, Crowd, Data, Guitars, RAMCache, resources, ShaderCache, Songs, Video
    • Open cmd as Administrator
      • Click Start
      • Type cmd in the search bar
      • Rightclick, Start as Administrator
    • Change to your Nonsteam-Path:
cd c:\Rocksmith_Nonsteam\
    • Create a link (do this for all folders listed above, use Program Files instead of Program Files (x86) on 32bit Windows)
mklink /D Base "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Rocksmith\Base"
  • Copy the Config.enc file from the Steam Path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Rocksmith\) to the Nonsteam Path
  • Create a folder called content in your Nonsteam folder. This will be used for custom songs later
  • Start skidrow's Launcher.exe to select a language other than English if you want to
  • Start up Rocksmith.exe from the Nonsteam folder. It might crash a few times, don't worry about that, just try again.
  • Create a new empty profile, you don't need to do the soundcheck
  • Transfer your Steam savegames to your Nonsteam installation
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